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Second Sight

SECOND SIGHT is available everywhere. Hurray🥂

And now you’re saying: “Wait–what?? Second what? YES! My newest (actually oldest–but more about that later) book, SECOND SIGHT, is now live on Amazon and wherever you buy books.

And yes, I’m very obviously stuck on the word “Second.” Why? Life experience. We rarely get everything right the first time. Go ahead: think back to your first crush, maybe way back in elementary school. Aren’t you glad that didn’t work out? (But if it did, good for you!) Whatever I do in life usually takes multiple tries for me to get it right, but I like the word second.

That said, Second Sight is, and always will be, my heart’s first book. The story came to me years ago, and my determination to get it down and into a format that readers could love as much as I do is what drove me to pursue a career in writing. The figure in the lower left-hand corner of the cover is Katrina. She lived in colonial New York, and she and her family were determined to fight the tyranny of King George. The visually impaired young man with the guide dog is Etienne. He lives in suburban DC and until recently made his living as an acclaimed photojournalist for an international magazine. What could those two figures possibly have in common? Hmmm. Not pictured: Katrina’s husband and dearest love, British officer Stephen, as well as Etienne’s . . . “friend,” Catherine. Second Sight is NOT a time travel book but rather a dual-time-strand romance. If I were a betting gal, though, I’d put my money on those two strands having great importance for each other!

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