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About the Author

Meg Napier began dreaming about romance sometime in second grade when she accepted her first proposal. It came with a tiny package of candy, and her addiction to love and sweets was cemented in one fell swoop. Sadly, she lost touch with her first beau, but the idea of life being better when hearts are entwined stuck with her. By the start of high school she had her pen name picked out and a small part of herself saw her books lined up next to those of her favorite authors. Fortunately? Unfortunately? Other parts of herself saw her following society’s encouragement to pursue “important” work. “Important” work won out, followed by a busy and peripatetic life with her family.

Through it all, though, Meg remained convinced that without love, everything else is meaningless. She has been blessed throughout her life to find love everywhere: in supportive parents and siblings, magnificent teachers, good friends, crazy pets, caring co-workers, beloved children, and a wonderful husband. Like probably everyone on this planet, she has known heartbreak, failure, betrayal, and loss, but Mr. Roger’s optimism always seems to prove more durable than pain. Love can be found anywhere, anytime; we just have to keep our eyes and our hearts open.

The titles of Meg’s books and stories all contain the word “second” because most things worth fighting for require more than we can possibly imagine during chapter one.

Full length novels SECOND STANZA, (a breathless tale of love found, love lost, and finally love searched for through harrowing mazes of danger), SECOND SIGHT (the heart-wrenching tale of a love once thwarted trying desperately to triumph)  and SECOND ACT (an edge-of-your-seat mystery in the beautiful world of ballet) are available wherever you buy books.

Novella Second Draft  is also available from Amazon, but you get a free copy when you sign up for her newsletter, and new short stories can be found regularly in popular anthologies!

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