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Welcome! Welcome to a world where giving up on love is never an option and where having the courage to trust can be dredged up even when the future looks bleak. Hence the “Second” in all my titles!

And yes, I’m very obviously stuck on the word “Second.” Why? Life experience. We (and by we, I mean I!) rarely get anything right the first time, especially love. Go ahead: think back to your first crush, maybe way back in elementary school. Aren’t you glad that didn’t work out? (But if it did, good for you!) Whatever I do in life usually takes multiple tries for me to get it right, but I especially like the word second.

SECOND STANZA is my newest, most exciting book to date, and even on my umpteenth read-through, I still hold my breath, hoping against hope that things will work out for Jackie and her true love. I’d love to tell you his name, but then they’d come after me, and I wouldn’t be able to write any more books. You think I’m kidding? Read it!!! There’s young love, there’s enduring love, there’s danger and sadly death, there’s mystery, there’s laugher, and there’s music. One of my first readers said she felt like she was holding her breath throughout the entire book, but when she was done, she cried with happiness.

SECOND SIGHT is, and always will be, my heart’s first book. The story came to me years ago, and my determination to get it down and into a format that readers could love as much as I do is what drove me to pursue a career in writing. The figure in the lower left-hand corner of the cover is Katrina. She lived in colonial New York, and she and her family were determined to fight the tyranny of King George. The visually impaired young man with the guide dog is Etienne. He lives in suburban DC and until recently made his living as an acclaimed photojournalist for an international magazine. What could those two figures possibly have in common? Hmmm. Not pictured: Katrina’s husband and dearest love, British officer Stephen, as well as Etienne’s . . . “friend,” (or so he is adamant they remain), Catherine. SECOND SIGHT is NOT a time travel book but rather a dual-time-strand romance. If I were a betting gal, though, I’d put my money on those two strands having great importance for each other!

SECOND ACT  is a mystery set in the magical world of ballet. It, too, was a story I worked on lovingly for years, and in it you find literary elements that have brought me tremendous joy in life: romance, mystery, and dance. SECOND ACT will keep you on your toes as you follow the unlikely love that grows between ballerina, Margot and NYPD detective, Frank, as they work together to find the murderer within the Empire Ballet Company. It now has a beautiful new cover, so grab your copy today!

I’m also proud to be featured in an array of anthologies, but first in my heart is LOVE AT DAWN — a compilation of stories written by the fabulous writers I work with day in and day out (and I mean that literally: we have an open Zoom meeting 365 days a year). We are an eclectic group, and this is an eclectic collection of stories, but romance that will make you believe in the magic of a new day lies at the core of each story. And even better: ALL proceeds from the sale of LOVE AT DAWN are being donated to World Central Kitchen, a charity that has performed miracles in all corners of the globe.

“Second Hello” is featured in the exciting anthology LOVE LANGUAGES: A Limited Edition Collection, a collection of passionate stories of finding love even when words and circumstances put up barriers.

Second Draft is a fun short story about a writer struggling with a wayward heroine. A handsome man from the past is standing right in front of both of them, but will either have the courage to acknowledge him? Get a copy free when you sign up for my newsletter!

Second Draft

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* Isn’t this a fantastic name for my newsletter? Thanks go to my original webmaster genius, aka my brother, Gene Swift, who patiently (ahem, most usually!) shook his head at my techno-ignorance and tried to make sense out of my garbled desires (“can you fix the stuff on my thing, please?”) THANK YOU, Gene! And for keeping me going as I stumble forward, all of my love and gratitude to my beloved son. I don’t care how much dirty laundry you bring home, as long as you keep smiling through my stupid questions!

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